Sofia was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she had her first art studio. Currently living in Tokyo, Japan.

Her interest in art started since she was a child because of her artsy family context. This allowed her to explore with freedom the infinite human capacity to create and test any idea.

Sofia received guidance and instruction as a ceramicist in New York City. This initial approach, both professional and multicultural had a great impact on her work.

Simplicity is an essential part of every finished piece. In many ways a mix of her understanding of reality, personal process and ways of thinking. Sofia‘s art is always very aesthetic and full of symbolic content. 

As a young artist she is always looking for more ways to develop new forms of creation. Never afraid of going deeper in her interests and her own soul, she learns new ways to explore her creative self. As we all change everyday.

Sofia’s method of teaching ceramics rests on a balance of conceptual free thinking and technical proficiency.  In each course She teaches, she provide students with both structure and the freedom to explore, feel and understand the material they are working with.
Specialized in wheel throwing but teaching all the posibilities with clay. (Lowfire, highfire, lusters, molds, slip casting, handbuilding,
slabrolling etc.)

Sofia finds inspiration in travel and her curious observation of her daily life. The little and the big moments in life.
Deeply in love with ceramics and ways to express using her hands and whole soul.   

Clay by the bay (Tortus advanced intensive workshop), San Francisco, 2017
Centro Superior de Moda Edith Martin (Fashion Design), Guadalajara, Jalisco, 2009
Instituto de Ciencias. Guadalajara, Jalisco, 2006

Solo Exhibitions
“Mashiko”, 2018
“ONE”, 2018
“Silencio” (Silence), 2017
“Semillas” (Seeds), 2016
“VACIOS” ( Emptiness), 2015
“INMERSIÓN” (Immersion), 2013

Group Exhibitions
Almagrande Gallery,2018
Laguna Blanca platform, 2017
Tulum Art, 2017
Taller Social, GDL.MX (Huichol Art. Collaboration), 2015